Close to Engraftment…

Hi everyone! We apologize it has been a while since we had an update. We were blessed to have family visiting us over the past 2 weeks. It was great to have family in town during the Thanksgiving holiday and to have the extra help the following week while Ryan was back in St. Louis working.

Ezra has been doing very well since transplant. Thanksgiving week he had a pretty rough couple of days, as his mucositis got increasingly worse. He was throwing up a good deal of blood and venting blood through his g-tube. This was due to all of the sores/inflammation going through his GI tract. He continues to receive platelet transfusions on most days to help with this, but thankfully it has gotten much better! We have not seen any blood when he spits up or in his g-tube in the past couple of days. His pain has also been well managed which is a blessing.

The most exciting thing that has happened is it looks like Ezra’s new stem cells are trying to engraft. Engraftment is when his new cells start to grow and begin making healthy cells that show up in his blood. His numbers are fluctuating right now, which is normal. Once his ANC (absolute neutrophil count) reaches 500, they consider him engrafting. We had one night that he was in the 420s (SO close!!!) and then he went back down to the 200s. His WBC (white blood cell) count has also gone from .1 to .7.  The doctors expect him to engraft within the next couple of days, which is amazing! Engraftment can be tough on his little body, so he has definitely been very fussy most days, but we know it is all for a good cause.

We continue to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement. The emails, texts, phone calls and packages mean so much to our family and there are so many people who love Ezra. We have had many people generously ask how they can financially contribute to Ezra’s transplant expenses. To do so, you can go to: This organization is specific to children who receive transplants and all funds go directly to Ezra’s transplant related expenses.

Please continue your prayers and hopefully our next update will have good news about engraftment! We are grateful for all of you!



Snoozing on mama.


Sweet little face.


4 thoughts on “Close to Engraftment…

  1. Tears of joy that progress is being made in the healing of our baby Ezra. Thank you Lord for Ezra’s progress and also for his patient and faithful mommy and daddy.

  2. Such encouraging news! We continue to keep you in our prayers. Praying specifically that the graft works quickly. Thank you for keeping us updated. With Love, Doug and Cathy Peth

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