Still Going Strong…

Hi everyone! This update will be short and sweet, as not much has changed. Ezra is still doing very well and continues to improve each day. Right now, his skin is peeling from one of the chemo medications. They call it a “chemo tan” because it darkens the skin, then it peels off and returns to its normal tone. Although the doctors have been very happy with him, we unfortunately won’t be discharged before Christmas due to him still needing to be weaned off of certain medications (he is almost completely off his pain medication which is great!) and having other meds changed in preparation for discharge. They are expecting that we will be discharged by the middle of next week if all continues to go well. We are so grateful that God has had his hand over Ezra during this journey and truly believe it is the power of prayer that has gotten him this far, so we THANK YOU!

Karlita is going to lunch with two mothers of little boys with the same genetic disorder as Ezra on Friday. One who is over a year post transplant, and one who was just admitted to our same unit last week. This will be a great time to connect with other families who are going to through/have been through the same thing (and to escape the hospital!). Although this Christmas is not what we thought it would be, our family of 3 is grateful to be together and are looking forward to spending the day celebrating the best that we can. There is a possibility Ezra will have a 4 hour pass by then and we can leave the hospital and head back to the apartment, which would be great.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. We still have a ways to go in terms of recovery and it is hard to know we will still remain in North Carolina for a few months, but the support system that we have and the amount of people who are praying for our little boy is nothing short of miraculous!

Merry Christmas!



The 3 of us!


Lounging comfortably on mama


At the end of his stroller ride during his 1 hour hall pass


Santa came to the hospital to visit!


The engraftment poster that his nurses made

3 thoughts on “Still Going Strong…

  1. It is so beautiful to hear all of these encouraging reports. It must have been sweet to be able to take your son on his first stroller ride. I am so grateful that you are being able to spend Christmas together as a family. Thank you for your updates. Continued prayers for Ezra and your family. With love Doug and Cathy Peth

  2. It is so wonderful to hear all of these positive updates from you. I imagine it was so sweet to be able to take Ezra on his first stroller ride. I am grateful that the three of you get to spend Christmas together. Thank you for your continued updates. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Continued prayers! With Love, Doug and Cathy Peth

  3. You three moms will have so much to share together and have great encouragement for one another. I am also glad your little family of three will have Christmas together. Our hearts and prayers are always with you, as you know. Dad and I can hardly wait to see you in January and so proud that God chose us to be Ezra’s grandparents.

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