Ezra is Officially Outpatient!!!

Hi Everyone!

This update is super exciting because as of Monday, Ezra is officially outpatient! After over 3 months in the hospital, I think it’s safe to say that all 3 of us are very excited about this next step and Ezra’s progress. We are so grateful to the amazing staff of nurses on 5200 who cared for our sweet boy.

Now that he is outpatient, we are doing all of his nursing care. To all of you nurses out there, you are truly saints as we know we are doing only a fraction of what you do:) We are administering his IV meds, oral meds, blood draws and his feedings (he still is getting supplemented through a feeding pump overnight). Our first night out of the hospital was a bit overwhelming with everything that needs to be done and the amount of time that it takes. We are almost always doing one of the above (with the feedings being most prevalent), but as he gets weaned off of some medications and we become more comfortable we know it will be faster.

During outpatient, Ezra goes to what is called “clinic”. This is essentially where the doctors go over his labs, progress and give him a checkup. They also see if he needs anything given IV, etc. Typically when patients are first discharged they start off going every day, but Ezra is doing so well right now they only need to see him 3 times a week (which will hopefully decrease with time as well)! When he is 100 days post transplant, they will run the full set of tests again to see how his new cells are continuing to grow. If all is going well, we can hopefully head back home to Missouri shortly after, which is something that we are praying for, as we are ready to be back with our family, friends and our pups 🙂

With us doing all of the care that Ezra is needing right now, the updates may be a bit less, but we will do our best! We continue to be amazed and grateful for all of the prayers and love that we continue to receive for Ezra and our family. God is surely answering prayers. Enjoy some pictures!



Ezra with some of his favorite nurses!


Sitting in his swing 🙂


Snoozing on mama!


Family photo after his confetti discharge party!

9 thoughts on “Ezra is Officially Outpatient!!!

  1. Praise the Lord! I’m so happy for all of you and continuing to keep you all in my prayers. Our church home group is also praying for you!
    May the Lord strengthen you in your inner beings as he knits Ezra’s precious little body together in one accord.

  2. I just started following baby Ezra and the story of your family. I will pray for all of you everyday. May Our Lord continue to comfort you and lay healing hands on your beautiful boy.

  3. So excited and happy for all three of you to be out of the hospital and only have to go back three times a week! Great picture of Ezra with some of his favorite nurses! The nurses that cared for Ezra were amazing, they treated him like he was their own child. Praying for Ezra Love Grandma B

  4. Praise God for all of the good news! Prayers continuing for his healing and strength, peace and encouragement for your family. With love, Doug and Cathy Peth

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