Ezra is 100 Days Post-Transplant!

Hello everyone! We have been quite busy around here. On Friday Ezra was 100 days post transplant! This is a big milestone. We have truly enjoyed being out of the hospital and able to function together as a family and to have some privacy back. Ezra also seems much happier to be out as well and is loving this new change of pace. We have all settled into a good routine and things are going smoothly. We keep busy giving Ezra his morning and evening meds and his feedings throughout the day and drawing his blood for labs. He is getting so big and is quite the little ham. The doctors have already started weaning him off several medications, which is great. He still goes to clinic for his doctor visits twice a week and his other therapies once a week. Since his immune system is still weakened, he can’t go anywhere public, so we are pretty limited to staying home or going for walks. Luckily the weather here has been fantastic so we have been going on A LOT of walks!

Now that Ezra is over 100 days post-transplant, they will start all of his 100 day studies. They have already started by taking a lot of blood and next week we will repeat all of his tests that he had when we first arrived at Duke (CT, EEG, MRI, hearing, vision, kidney function, etc.) to see how everything looks and if there was damage done anywhere from the chemotherapy. Please be praying for great results on all of his tests! His last round of tests will be March 10th. Pending the results of all of these tests, we will hopefully be able to head home shortly after and we CANNOT wait! We continue to be amazed by the prayers and support that have continued for Ezra from those near and far, so we sincerely thank you! Enjoy some recent pics of of little man!



Ezra’s Valentines Picture!


Reading a valentine from his friend back home, Owen!


Playing with mommy while daddy works!


And another valentine pic just because he’s the cutest!


6 thoughts on “Ezra is 100 Days Post-Transplant!

  1. My heart is overwhelmed by this little cutie who I am so proud to say “our grandson!” Praying day and night and continually for good results on tests!

  2. Always my valentine! Continued prayers forever for the cutest baby in the world. So glad you are enjoying your baby and such devoted parents!

  3. Thank you for sharing Ezra’s progress. I’m so glad to know he’s close to coming home. So many are praying for you all. Yes, I pray for healing for Ezra and good test results.

  4. Ezra is So Darling! We continue to pray for his Perfect Health & your Faith & Stength!❤️God is Faithful & Good!

  5. Great news, celebrate 100 days! Continued prayers for you all. Pictures are adorable, love the chubby cheeks

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