Ezra Update: Test Results!

Hello from NC! All has been going well here with Ezra. We continue to go to clinic twice a week and he has been weaned off many of his medications. He is eating more, smiling, rolling, standing with support, laughing and cooing all the time. We are truly enjoying this stage and he is keeping us laughing!

Last Friday, Ezra had the last round of his 100 day tests. These tests are repeats of what he had when we first got to Duke, prior to him having his transplant. Today during our clinic we got the results back and they were GREAT! There was no progression of the disease and some things even improved since his very first round of tests! We cannot even explain how grateful we are for all of the prayers we have received. Ezra still has a ways to go and we will do early intervention when we return home, but God is SO faithful and our little boy is SO strong. The doctor even shared she was surprised that some of his results were as good as they were this soon 🙂

In other exciting news, we are set to have Ezra’s last clinic visit on March 28th pending that all is going well! That means we plan to be home sweet home on MARCH 29TH and we CANNOT wait! We are so looking forward to being back in our own home, surrounded by our family and friends…and of course our pups! Please continue to pray that things go well these next couple of weeks for Ezra and that there are no setbacks and that we are able to get everything coordinated to get his meds, appointments, etc. transferred back home smoothly.

Here are some recent pics of our little warrior:


Laughing in his chair!


Enjoying a walk and some sunshine…it was a little bright!


Hanging with dad!


Mr. Serious


He loves to stand as you can see!

6 thoughts on “Ezra Update: Test Results!

  1. Ezra looks great and I’m so happy God answered our prayers, but He answers prayers in His time not ours. We just have to have the faith and I have that faith when I pray. God Bless All of You. Marchb29th is only two weeks away.

  2. Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers. Ezra looks so healthy and strong. Be strong, be brave my little fella. Thank you Lord for bringing Ezra God-fearing and faithful parents…my Karlita and wonderful son-in-law. I never knew God would call you to such a big and rewarding assignment. Prayers always and SO thankful for this little family.

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