Life at HOME!

Hi everyone! Things have been CRAZY busy since arriving back home in Missouri. We have been home for almost a month now and we are starting to settle into our “new normal”. Ezra did great on the two day drive back home, he slept essentially the whole way! He is such a champ and is the best little traveler. It was bittersweet leaving our doctors and nurses in North Carolina, but we know we will see them soon! Being home with our family and friends has been a breath of fresh air. They have all continued their love and support since we have come home and we cannot be more thankful and it is definitely SO much better to feel it in person!

Since coming home, Ezra has gotten acquainted with his doctors here in Missouri. It has been an adjustment as they are not specialists in his disease, but we have no complaints and keep in close communication with his doctors at Duke. He goes to the doctor once a week for clinic, however lately he has been getting established with all of the other specialists (neurology, cardiology, etc.), so there have been MANY appointments since being home. Starting next week, we should be back to once a week at clinic. He also has started his PT and OT services here and we absolutely LOVE his new therapists and he is doing SO well! They have all been very pleased πŸ™‚

Mom and Dad have both started back at work. Ryan is back full time and Karlita is back part-time (although she is no longer working in the office, only doing visits, and able to make her own schedule meaning most of her time is spent with Ezra). We are both SO grateful to our amazing employers for their understanding and support over these past 6 months. They have been so gracious and we know not every employer would have treated us that way.

We return to Duke for Ezra’s 6 month post-transplant checkup in Mid May. They will redo all of his testing to check progress and do blood work, checkups, etc. We will be there for about a week (including driving there and back home). We are looking forward to seeing all of his doctors and going to visit his old nurses, but know we will also be anxious to head back home!

We continue to ask for prayers for us as we adjust to being back home, Ezra’s new doctors, being back at work and especially for Ezra to continue to do well! You all are amazing and we thank you so much for your support and following our journey! As things are much busier being at home with work, Ezra’s doctor, PT, OT appointments, regular family/house responsibilities and making sure we enjoy time as a family, we will be providing monthly blog updates from now on. We want everyone to continue to be able to follow sweet Ezra and how he is doing and we feel it is important for all of those who have prayed for our family to see God’s faithfulness at work! Now, enjoy some sweet pictures of this miracle baby!



We have aΒ 6 month old!


His first time napping in his crib.


Enjoying the weather on the deck with his pup!


Enjoying the nursery πŸ™‚


Pit stop on the long drive home from NC.It took 16 hours with all of our stops.


Easter with some of our family! Our first holiday at home!


Our family of 3 at Easter.


Ezra and our dog Sage. They are BEST friends.


Sweet, sweet boy πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Life at HOME!

  1. I’m so happy for you all and will continue to pray for baby Ezra. He’s getting so big and so handsome. What a testimony this will be one day. God bless you all.

  2. So happy for all of you! I pray for the transition to go well, his therapist, doctors, nurses, and treatment to go well. Glad you are all home surrounded by family and friends. Continued improvement for Ezra.

  3. I absolutely love this! I’m thinking about making a trip to St. Louis soon. This may push me over the decision line! Would love to see y’all and meet Ezra!

  4. Thank you for the latest news on your precious baby and your family’s journey caring for Wzra. God blessed you with this little boy and he chose you to be his loving parents. What a gift he is. He is so cute. It’s been a hard six months, but hopefully now you can look forward to more time at home together. We’re remembering you through these very busy days, as you have so many appointments. Your little guys smile shows your love with those beautiful smiles.

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