Ezra’s 6 Month Post-Transplant Update!

Hello everyone! Our little man is now 8 months old and doing great! Last month, we traveled back to North Carolina for a week for him to complete his 6 month post-transplant checkup at Duke. He went through all of the tests that he had initially at Duke and right before we left to come back home. He will get these tests repeated for every checkup. So far, all of his tests have come back with no changes since the last one, which is GREAT news and we are so thankful! It was also great to see his doctors and be able to visit with some of his old nurses from inpatient. They were shocked by how big he has gotten and were very pleased with how well he was doing (they even used the word thriving!). Duke and North Carolina are definitely now like a second home to us. We had plans to take little guy to the beach while we were there, but mommy ended up getting a 24 hour flu bug 🙁 The next time we go back to Duke will be for his 1 year testing, which will occur in November.

Daily life with Ezra is busy! He has clinic, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy appointments throughout the week. Some of them twice a week! So far, we have been pleased with all of his therapists and he is working hard to catch up developmentally, due to being in the hospital for so long during that critical developmental period. His fine/gross motor skills are right on track, we are just working on strength and endurance and some milestones he hasn’t hit yet. When mommy isn’t running him around to his appointments, she is out on work visits. Ezra is so blessed to have two loving grandmas and an amazing aunt to watch him during the week at these times! We definitely couldn’t do it without them, and he adores them all.

Things still feel a little bit hectic around here, but we are getting more familiar with our new normal. Every day we are grateful to have Ezra here with us and for how well he is doing. He is truly a fighter and God has surely been watching over him. We are so grateful to our families, our friends and all of those who haven’t even met Ezra but have lifted him up in prayer. Throughout this journey, we have been introduced to and come to love many families who have lost children, have children who have gone through transplant, or children who have just been diagnosed and starting this journey. We would ask that you also lift them, their families and their sweet babies up in prayer as you pray for Ezra. This is a community nobody wants to, or should be, a part of, but the support of other families who know exactly what you are going through is meaningful beyond measure.

Now, enjoy the best part! Pictures of sweet (and very spunky!) Ezra!


Enjoying a walk with mommy and friends with my shades on!


Happy boy 🙂


My first winery trip!


8 months old!

Below are some of his 6 month photos we had done the week after we got home! Huge thank you to Ashley at A Family Affair Photography for her amazing work!

IMG_4103 IMG_4106 IMG_4110 IMG_4114 IMG_4124 IMG_4128



2 thoughts on “Ezra’s 6 Month Post-Transplant Update!

  1. So glad to read he is doing well.He is a beautiful baby! God has blessed him so much!!Isaiah 30:15 ” in quietness and trust is your strength.”

  2. Thank you for the update! He looks like such a sweet baby. Praise the Lord for the good report! I’m continuing to keep y’all in my prayers and praying for the Lord to rebuild his little body as a temple for His Spirit.

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