Goodbye Summer…

Well, summer is almost over and we have loved every minute of it with our little guy! We are SO looking forward to spending the fall and winter holidays with him here at home. I was almost tempted to buy a “My First Thanksgiving” onesie the other day, since it will be his first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with family. We definitely have something to be grateful for this year in the form of this amazing little boy 🙂

Overall, Ezra has been doing wonderful. We were able to have his 9 month checkup tests done locally, which was a huge help. All of his tests came back stable, with some even improving, which was super encouraging. We are also shocked that he hasn’t been sick once since coming home (knock on wood), not even a cold! He did develop a milk allergy, so he is now on a special formula. However, he is doing SO much better on it and the doctor thinks he will most likely outgrow in in several months. He is still behind on his milestones (although the kid can roll across the room faster than you would think!), but is catching up with the help of his awesome physical and occupational therapists. Whereas before they were a chore, he now loves his sessions! Much to his daddy’s dismay, his favorite word is “mama”, although he humors him with the occasional “dada”. He is still being tube fed for the majority of his feedings, however he is still getting feeding (speech) therapy and he is now eating purees. He LOVES vegetables and meats (especially pumpkin!), but is not too fond of fruits.

It’s hard to believe he will be ONE next month. According to daddy, mommy has gone a little overboard in the party planning, but it’s not just a celebration of his birth, but of his precious life! He will also be having his one year photos done in October so stay tuned!

In November, we will go back to Duke for his 1 year post-transplant checkup/testing. We will be there for a week, while he has numerous tests and doctor’s appointments done. We will also be flying with him for the first time, so any tips on flying with a one year old are greatly appreciated! We are actually looking forward to going back to our second home, as North Carolina has a special place in our heart and we love the weather and the people. Please pray for Ezra as he undergoes sedation and that all of his tests go well.

I know we have been bad about updating, but we will be sure to update again after his one year visit in North Carolina.

Now for the best part…


His 10 month photo!

Enjoying some pumpkin!

Ezra and his friend Owen!

Practicing his sitting!

Two peas in a pod.

Loves his jumper!


Taking a stroll in the neighborhood!

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  1. Great news. Still praying for your Ezra. I was wondering how things were going. Thanks for the update. Love seeing the pictures.

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